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Privacy Policy

"MAXMIKECO.COM" is operated by "Xin Ying International Trading Co., Ltd."; in order to support the protection of personal data and to protect online privacy rights, Xinying International will use the following statement to explain the personal use of MAXMIKECO.COM online. The manner, scope, method of use, and manner of inquiry or correction;

Personal data acquisition

In principle, users do not need to enter personal information, such as name or e-mail address, when entering MAXMIKECO.COM. Unless explicitly informed, Xinying International will not obtain such users from the user without their knowledge. data;

Xinying International will record the address of the user's website and the browsing activities in MAXMIKECO.COM, but these materials are only for traffic analysis and online behavior investigation, in order to improve the service quality of Xinying International. The data is only an analysis of the total amount and will not be linked to a specific individual.

In some cases, such as when a user requests to join a member, subscribe to a newsletter, use an email service or another service, or participate in other activities, MAXMIKECO.COM or its partners may require the user to log in to their profile for easy access. Contact the user, complete the transaction, provide the service, or process the subscription; in these cases, MAXMIKECO.COM or its partners will understand the facts, if the user chooses not to receive any advertising or contact information, Xinying International will fully respect it.

Use of personal data

The personal data obtained by Xinying International are only for the purpose of Xinying International in its internal use and according to the original purpose and scope of the application. Unless otherwise stated or in accordance with relevant laws, Xinying International will not personally Information is provided to third parties or used for other purposes.

Data security

Xinying International will endeavor to ensure the safety of all personal data with reasonable technology and procedures.

Query or correct the way

When the user's personal data changes or the personal information is found to be incorrect, you can request corrections at MAXMIKECO.COM at any time, including requesting to stop sending relevant information.


MAXMIKECO.COM or the webpage may contain links to other websites or web pages. For those websites or web pages that are not part of Xinying International, regardless of their content or privacy policy, they are not related to Xinying International.


For the convenience of users, some websites of "MAXMIKECO.COM" may use cookie technology to provide services that are more suitable for the user's personal needs; cookies are a technology used by website servers to communicate with user browsers. Some information is stored in the user's computer, but the user can cancel or restrict this function through the settings of the browser. If the user wants to know how to cancel or restrict this feature, they can contact Xinying International by email.

Anti-fraud instructions

Xinying International will not ask you to transfer money by ATM or check your account balance during non-working hours.

The fraud group is changing with each passing day. If the consumer receives the winning notice, the online shopping payment method is set up incorrectly, the refund notice... and so on, the consumer is required to use the ATM to transfer funds or check the account balance, or ask the consumer to For English interface operation, please call 165 anti-fraud lines.


Xinying International Working Hours: Monday to Friday (9:00-12:00 am. 13:30-17:30 pm)

If the caller ID number is hidden or starts with + (expressed as an international call), it is usually a phone call from the fraud group.

Accountants, finance, and customer service personnel will not contact you or make changes to orders by phone or newsletter during non-working hours. If you receive an unknown call or newsletter, please pay attention.

There is no option for "payment by installment" and "automatic debit" for payment methods. Super-business will not automatically charge for the wrong selection. The accounting and finance departments will not call you to ask for the ATM operating system. Please do not be deceived.

ATM does not have the function of "cancel setting". Do not do anything with "English interface". Fraud will use "false caller ID" to pretend that anyone directs you to use ATM to transfer money to the gangster's account.

The gangster may fake or tamper with the caller ID to 110, 165 or Xinying International. Receive financial information such as bank phone calls, credit card information, etc., and the other party may tamper with the phone number you provide to gain trust.

Xinying International official website has the most stringent protective measures to protect the VIP's personal data. Please also change your account password regularly, or do not register all websites with the same account password to ensure your account is secure. Welcome to work at or call us at 02-25179717#9 during business hours, we will serve you as soon as possible. Or call the 165 anti-fraud line to confirm.