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Shopping service notice

(1) Registration and login to this site member

Before adding a product to the shopping cart, it is recommended to register and log in to the site to follow up the order.
This site can use "facebook account", "email" to register and login members
(2) Time of shipment of goods

Spot commodity order
Purchase orders will be sent before 14:00 on Monday to Friday and will be sent out during the day of work.
Purchase orders on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays will be sent out during the next Monday's work (no holidays on holidays).
Ships within 7 to 14 days (excluding holidays), or shipped as announced on the product page

*Note*: If you purchase both spot goods and pre-ordered items, this order will be sent after all the items have been delivered.
(3) Shipping method

7-11 Super-commercial pick-up (Taiwan), shipping NT$75/pen order (outside island pick-up, 7-11 will charge you a fixed service fee NT$40)
The whole family is picking up goods (Taiwan Island), shipping NT$75/pen order
Home delivery (Taiwan Island), shipping NT$60/pen order
(4) Payment method

credit card
Cash on delivery (7-11 super business)
ATM transfer
(5) Foreign order purchase notice

Shipping method:
SF Express - China and Hong Kong, Macau
Chunghwa Post - Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, USA, Peru, Australia
payment method︰
credit card

The price of the goods on the website and the shipping cost are calculated in NTD NT. The actual deduction amount is subject to the exchange rate of the day. It is recommended to check with the credit card bank.

Countries may, in accordance with import tariff regulations, determine whether goods are subject to customs duties and consumption taxes. When the goods are sampled, the cost will be borne by the recipient. If the recipient is unwilling to pick up the goods, the relevant expenses or the loss of the goods will be destroyed and returned.
(6) Instructions for returning goods

According to the Consumer Protection Law, consumers in Taiwan enjoy the 7-day hesitation period of the goods.
*Please note that *[hesitation period] is not [trial period], the goods and merchandise packaging that you return must be [new and complete without any damage, does not affect the second new sale], the product packaging is part of the goods, if any Loss or damage shall be deducted from the damage necessary to restore the original condition.
The return shipping cost generated during the 7-day hesitation period shall be borne by Maxmikeco. The first day after receipt of the goods will be counted as the first day (including holidays). If you want to return the goods, please return the goods to the FB customer service staff within 7 days. Not accepted.
If you have not reached the free shipping discount threshold due to the amount of the order after the return, you must pay the shipping fee for the original product (the whole order is refunded).
Only one free return service will be provided for each order. If you need to retract the goods within 7 days, please bear the shipping cost. In order to avoid disputes, please confirm the receipt of the goods before returning the goods, the product offers cannot be combined into the order calculation.
If the return package is not returned in a specified way, the freight subsidy is limited to NT$60/piece.
[Taiwan Outer Island Consumers] Please return it by "Post Office Registration", the shipping subsidy limit is NT$60/piece order
For return operations, agree to process sales vouchers by Maxmikeco (eg, invoice processing or sales concessions)

Please click here, FB private customer service staff to apply for the return