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Return Terms of Service

Product defects, damage or return processing

• According to the Consumer Protection Law, online shopping consumers are entitled to the seven-day hesitation period of the goods arrival (hesitation period is not a trial period), please note that the returned goods must be returned to the original state (return to the arrival of the goods) The original state) and maintain the complete packaging (including the product body, accessories, gifts, guarantees, original packaging and the integrity of all accompanying documents or materials), do not miss any accessories or damage the original box. ).

• Returned merchandise must be brand new and fully packaged (maintaining the integrity of the merchandise, accessories, packaging, manufacturer's carton, and all accompanying documents or materials). Audio-visual discs, software, and food products must not be unpacked, otherwise, returns will not be accepted.

• If the special product is a special product that requires registration, startup, etc., after the use of the activation program such as registration and startup, if the product itself is not defective, the product cannot be returned because it cannot be restored, or it may be charged at a discretion.

• If the goods are in danger of being packaged, transported and delivered, and the goods are out of page, dirty, wrong or otherwise defective, or within the period of appreciation, please arrive within 7 days of arrival (from the date of receipt) Notification to enter (online customer service) or call 02-25179717

• Within 1 working day from the next day, we will review the case and reply to the E-mail after the review. Please send the goods back within 5 days of receiving the notice, and keep the phone open (send the registration) Receipt or courier receipt, please save it)

• Please return the non-destructive goods and complete packaging together with the accessories/gifts/invoices/all contents (do not leave the parts, the outer box should not be damaged).

• Return the item to the original carton and return it. If the carton has been lost, please add it to the outer box of the product. Do not stick the house order or writing text directly to the product box.

• The original factory box is defaced/products are missing, and the return will not be accepted. The outer box part or the degree of fouling will be discounted from 100 yuan to 1,000 yuan. The missing part will be quoted in the case of each item. (Only within seven days of arrival, if the application is overdue, it will not be returned)

• The company will send shipping pick-ups.

• On this site, the consumer agrees that each return authorization “business person sales return purchase receipt or discount certificate” will be handled by Xinying International to facilitate the return and refund operations.



How to deliver goods

After the consumer orders the goods through the site, it will be delivered by the courier or mailed to the designated recipients, and the shipping area is limited to the Taiwan area.


Shipping address change: The shipping address is subject to the order and cannot be changed after shipping.

Delivery time designation: If there is a demand for the specified delivery time, the agreement must be agreed upon by both parties before the order is shipped, but the service cannot be provided in the outlying islands or in special and remote areas; if the order is shipped, the distribution will be based on the logistics distribution. , the delivery time cannot be specified separately.


customer service

Consumers on the cable to order related issues, address changes, inconsistent goods, defacement or other defects, you can log on to the site's online customer service or call 02-25179717#9, Xinying will be 1-3 working days Reply inside (excluding holidays).


Shopping security

For those who purchase goods on this site, Xinying International will use the latest technology and procedures to protect the security and privacy of all consumers' relevant materials and shopping information.